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Details on the possibility of renting office and light industrial
units in the A-10 building at ul. Stoczniowa 2 in Elbląg.

Adaptation of the units

The possibility to perform all the works necessary to make adaptations to the rented space in building A - 10 located at ul. Stoczniowa in Elbląg certainly makes the rent offer of the office and light industrial units extremely attractive. Some of the examples of such existing adaptations carried out in the building include the adapted units rented by companies who have used the building for many years now. The thumbnails and the virtual tour of the building show the adaptation possibilities already implemented by other companies including: Maag Gear Zamech limited liability company, ABB limited liability company, Siemens limited liability company.

see the virtual tour
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see the thumbnails
to find sample adaptations


About Elbląg:

Elbląg is situated in the north-west part of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie province, near Zalew Wiślany artificial lake, on the river bearing the same name as the town. The city is located by E7 motorway connecting Warsaw and Gdańsk, and by the so-called “Berlinka” road, leading to Kaliningrad. Also, the distance between Elbląg and the city of Gdańsk is only 60 kilometers and there are just 50 kilometers to the Polish-Russian border. The city is said to be an industrial, academic and cultural centre, and an attractive starting point for tourists. Elbląg is also a sea port.

The company is the owner of the commercial building with a floor area of 20,320 square meters, located at 2 Stoczniowa Street in the industrial quarter of Elbląg, close to Elbląski Canal and the dock. The following factors make the building location highly attractive:

  • the presence of certain companies in the building, including:
       • Maag Gear Zamech  Sp.  z o.o.
       • ABB Sp. z o.o.,
       • Siemens  Sp. z o.o.,
       • Partner Serwis Sp. z o.o.,
       • InfoPower Sp. z o.o.
       • Best S.A
  • the presence of Alstom Power limited liability company in close proximity to the building;
  • the Elbląg Old Town located in the neighbourhood of the building.

The building is a 5-storey facility with a structure built from reinforced concrete and walls made from solid ceramic bricks. It has red aluminum windows and the following systems available: electricity, central heating (heat from the municipal heating network), water-sewage system and technical gases system. In addition, it has two passenger lifts and one service lift with the bearing capacity of 3 tones.

At present, there are three functional areas in the building:
- production area covering the whole area of the ground floor,
-four storeys partly used as offices or warehouse space,
- unused surfaces.

Unoccupied units available for rent are located on the :
- 3rd (third) floor – 1,674 square meters available, facing the south (overlooking the dock) and the west (overlooking Ostróda - Elbląg Canal).
-on the 4th (fourth) floor – 756 square meters available with a possibility to increase it by 205 square meters also facing the south and west.
  There is a possibility of joining the two units.

Before moving into the unit, the spaces in question require adaptation that would meet the requirements of the client. The adaptation should be performed based on a project developed and then accepted by both Parties.

The rent rate will be negotiated on the basis of the required standard of units adaptation.

The costs not included in the rent such as payment for heating, electricity, guarding of the premises and the possibility to use the parking spaces will be agreed following individual contracts.

“Elzam Dom” Company Office tel. 0-55 239-75-50 or 239-74-46.



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